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We Believe in The Mobile Internet

We are a team of former Google & Microsoft engineers, creative systems thinkers, obsessed designers and product ninjas who believe that the mobile internet is not just a great business platform, but a force for change in society.

Our team finds solutions to systemic business problems that hamper growth and innovation, and we build products that help information flow and engagement grow.

We are focused on solutions to increase engagement. By providing more access to the mobile internet we help people explore the world of opportunities which we believe serves the greater good.

We support net neutrality through unrestricted data for the unrestricted internet. You won’t find walled gardens here, just transparent vital symbiotic business.

Are you always searching to connect to WiFi to save on mobile data? With Gigato, you’ll never have to wait again! Gigato provides free unrestricted Internet data for your Android. Use the apps you love and get megabytes recharged to your prepaid account.

For App Publishers

Join the Gigato Platform and unlock free unrestricted data for your users.  Gigato drives more engagement with tangible results than any other platform. Find out how Gigato can help you revive your user base and create a win/win for your app publishers your end users.

Unlock the full potential of free mobile data for your users

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